All projects, big or small, of any genre.

We can cater to almost any type of project, big or small, of any genre.
We have equipment from the top manufacturers in the music business, and we think we're pretty good at putting it to good use! If you have a project, such as an album or EP, we are more than willing to work out a deal. If you simply would like us to mix your already-recorded song, rates at $50/hr. Mastering not included. Mastering is $75/Song


Our style is to expand on an artists existing creativity through arrangement, lyric, and rhythmic or melodic assistance as needed. We don't try to remake or create an artist. We also know how to effectively run a session to get the most out of a day, and keeping it stress-free to keep the creativity flowing.

The Producer, services offered at NorthStar Studios include Music Production for any artist in any music genre as well as music for Movies, Television, Television Commercials and Radio Jingles.