You have some great new tunes... Now what?

Music marketing and Promotion

One of the few relatively level playing fields in the record industry is publicity, where it is possible for unsigned artists to garner coverage in the same publications as artists signed to major labels.
While this is possible, it is not easy. Learn how to publicize yourself, and understand what it takes to stand apart from the crowd. We have the experience and knowledge to get your music heard.

We understand the major changes that have occurred in music industry especaily in retail and distribution, we know our way aroung the new digital landscape with time-tested and new cutting edge options we can get your new project both seen and heard a global audiance! From getting your music on iTunes to getting hits on youtube we can help.

Music and Lyric Videos

As YouTube carves out a larger space in the music community, the way music videos are being made and consumed is changing. With millions of artists and creators collaborating constantly, music videos have been made that sometimes challenge typical production conventions. There are now multiple forms a music video can take. This combined with a lower barrier to entry has given rise to excellent alternatives you can consider when deciding how to publish your music on an evolving video streaming platform.

A good animator can get you an excellent lyric video relatively quickly and for much cheaper than a traditional music video shoot. Make no mistake though, lyric videos aren't just a cheap hack for indie artists on a budget. Huge pop acts use lyric videos to premiere Top 40 singles, generating millions of views. We have worked with many major recording artist and record lables, we have the talent and expertice to get you where you want to be with your music.